The Kyocera group was founded in 1959 and was specialised in fine ceramics.

It has since diversified in several high-end technology fields such as information, connector industry, telecommunication, optical devices and solar energy.

KYOCERA Corporation, which is based in Kyoto (Japan) employs about 68,185 people in the whole world. Its 2015 turnover went up to 11.743 billion euros. KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. is the result of a fusion between two innovative firms in the document managing industry, joining digital reproduction and printing. The KYOCERA and Mita fusion sped up the convergence between networked document managing systems. Nowadays, KYOCERA Document Solutions products offer a global solution which meets all the needs in terms of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The French subidiary created in 1990, wants to significantly reduce printing costs by providing global solutions which consist of printers, multifunctions, software and associated services, while limiting environmental impact. Nowadays, KYOCERA Document Solutions France, employs 95 people and has a 67.4-million-euro turnover. It is based in Gif sur Yvette (Essonne).

COPYMIX & KYOCERA Document Solutions have been partners since 2003. Since then, COPYMIX has become one their biggest wholesalers in France. In 2015, COPYMIX has distributed more than 800 MFP and 280 KYOCERA printers.

To this day, KYOCERA Document Solutions Equipment & accessories’ turnover represents 35% of Copymix sales on this product range

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