EUKLES Solutions

EUKLES Solutions is a French company specialized in development and hardware manufacturing for all kinds of professionals (lawyers, jurists, real estate agents, syndics, factories, services, etc).

Since 2009, their wide range of document management solutions for VSE/SMB as well as for CAC40 groups ensures better profitability for user companies.

This innovative company has 5 subsidiary companies in France.

> 16.7% of their turnover was invested in Research and Development in 2015
> 4,160 firms use their solutions
> 41,400 daily users
> Solutions are 100% manufactured, edited and hosted in France!

Products and solutions

DMS solutions

Data cloud backup tool

DMS & high security hardware and software Backup solutions to retain the probative value of electronic documents internally. This is a safety system made in France by EUKLES Solutions designed in resistant case (anti-fire, anti-moisture, anti-explosion, anti-corrosion, anti-magnetism, anti-theft and anti-harmful-gas).

100% Cloud digital cabinet (automatic and intelligent archiving system).

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Why distribute document management solutions ?

For YOU retailers : with lower costs and copy volumes, it is necessary to find new business opportunities. The sale of a EUKLES Solution product might be the opportunity to come in with a solution and to offer an additional copier, for example.

Solutions add value to final customers in terms of time savings, money, efficiency and data security!

To ensure the development of EUKLES solutions, COPYMIX works closely with his partner’s field supports.

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